For longer lasting tools they must be properly sharpened regularly. Send your tools to us and we can usually sharpen and ship within 48 hours.


We recondition hard tooling. Send dies for a new facelift and continue running dies for many years to come.


Brake dies can be reconditioned in most cases. Call us for a quotation and save roughly 50% from new prices.



We make all styles of tooling to produce your part. Send us your prints or sample part so we can provide a formal quotation. If you need someone to run production, no problem. Our customers will be happy to set up your tooling in their press and run parts.


We can provide a turn-key system complete with press and tooling ready for you to hook up at your facility.



It’s time consuming trying to locate aftermarket machine parts that sometimes are obsolete. We might have the answer for you. Try us before you waste your valuable time.



Need an appraisal for your business, thinking about selling your company? Call us and we can help.



We buy and sell pre-owned machinery. Let us know what you have for sell or what you’re in need of. We are in numerous companies every year that has a need for equipment or has surplus equipment for sale.

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